Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I. The Magician

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Pickle Lake, Northwestern Ontario, 1978

The Magician is representative of the adolescent, immature person first awakening to the wondrous gift of life. The flames of passion are rising, innocence is waning, and the will to take control of life is developing. 

The card points to the tools necessary to navigate this phase of the development of the human spirit. It expresses the environment necessary for the full development of the mature human being.

What is also being said is that the individual is totally responsible for the processes of the mind. It is in the individual's hands what the mind accepts and chooses. It is the individual's responsibility as to what kind of human being will be produced. 


The Magician

My Love
My very precious Love
Step out of the Shadows
Out of the dark rhythms
Into the Sunlight
Into the Music
Out of Death into Life

You, beloved Magician
Must step out of the tumult
Must stand alone in the crowd
To find the Cave of Mirrors deep within
But the mirrors reflect the Raven, bearer of Truth
Have you the Courage and Strength
To know Reality

Magician, clothed in the pearly purity
Of Innocence
The scarlet robe of Passion
Drawn around you
The magic wand of Discernment held high
Like a little child
You come

The golden circlet of Will
Crowns your brow
Around your waist
The Serpent of Transmutation
Tail clasped in mouth
Creates a magic circle
Where Clay transforms to Gold

Within this magic circle
Rainbows dance in Golden Light
Hope and Faith become the Real
Matter transforms into Spirit
Your hand grasps the Staff of Life
The Wand of Power
From the Sea of Dreams

Over you, sheltering, flies
The Banner of Light
Of Spirit guiding Matter
Reason guiding Emotion
Around you, cherishing, blow in the gentle guiding zephyr
 Pure lilies white and loving roses red
Beneath the intertwining
Circles of Eternity

Deep within the Chrysalis
Meaningful Life quickens
Hear the Butterflies sing
See them dance
Minuetting under the Rainbow
With music and laughter
And tears of joy

Before you lies the world
What will you make of it
Using the Sword of logical thinking
The Cup full of emotions
The Pentacle of material wealth
The Wand of Achievement
How will you use them

The Prize, my Love, the Golden Fleece
Is sacred knowledge
Of yourself and others
Seeing the secrets hidden in the human heart
Knowing your own Strength
Finding true Freedom
From the shackles of untamed Emotion


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