Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5. The Hierophant

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Toronto, Ontario, 2016

The Hierophant, to me, is representative of the inner wisdom and knowledge we can gain from learning about the societies and associations, religious and political, created by people. Each of these organizations has its ideology. As we mature and experience life, so we can understand more and more these different worlds, and how they resemble and interlink with each other. Human behaviour is revealed. As we observe our own interaction with these worlds, we can gain knowledge of ourselves, and this leads to deeper knowledge of others. We find ourselves, and the human race, in interaction with others. We, in fact, become The Hierophant.

Everyone is born into a particular world with its unique culture and worldview. As children and adolescents we are learning the structure of our own society. A wise society designs education to shine a light into the world of others. Wisdom is acknowledging that there are many different, successful ways to be human beings. We learn from history of how people lived in the past, of their struggle to become strong and survive the challenges of life. We learn of other cultures, and the wisdom passed down in the ideas of other peoples. A wise society doesn't try to brainwash its members. Rather, it opens up minds by encouraging free thinking and freedom of speech. A society that truly cares for its members points individuals to the source books of original thinking, and asks them to make up their own minds as to what they think themselves. Wisdom is supporting individuals to become ever more themselves, and contribute of their talents to their society. As society accepts its members just as they are, so they, and it, can flourish, bringing a diversity that adds to the richness of the culture.

The fight between the enlightenment of learning to think rationally and the blindness of following an ideology faithfully without question, has been going on in human societies since time immemorial. It is still going on, and it seems as if it will always go on. We each have the choice as to whether we will be rational freethinkers or emotional blind followers.

We can choose whether we want to go through the hard work of producing our true selves, or choose to drift through life taking it as it comes. We can remain caterpillars: or choose to enter the cocoon of our own spinning. Does the creature in the cocoon suffer pain as it labours to produce a beautiful butterfly? Can we bear the pain as we labour to mold ourselves to be the best we can be: to bring to life the beautiful butterfly person we are meant to be?

The Hierophant

Dearest Love
The Butterfly People hover around you
Sheltering, protecting, supporting
As you take your first steps
Out into the World
Their anthem rises to the skies
Singing with the larks in the morning
Their wings fluttering in soft zephyrs around you

The Hierophant sits
On the throne of Power
Power over Self, accepting Authority
Granted by others in recognition of Integrity
Red robe of Passion as Guiding Force
White undergarment of Purity of Will
Blue gown demonstrating Trust and Unconditional Love

Sitting between the two pillars
Of Liberty within Law
The Hierophant hold the Triple Sceptre
Exerting domination over matter, emotion, and mind
The right hand shows four fingers
Two point down to Earth, two point up to Heaven
A Bridge channelling power over all the worlds

Here sits the Chief Intercessor of the Eleusinian Mysteries
Teacher, Pastor, and Mentor
Ilithyia, ancient Goddess of New Life
Goddess of many names, down through the ages she labours
The Life Force of Evolution is with us
As we grow with the challenges of life
Ever renewed, as we Dance along the Spiral of Time

Two acolytes stand before the Hierophant
Clothed in Roses red and Lilies white
The union of Flesh and Spirit
Sashed in yellow, joyous in the pursuit of Wisdom and Knowledge
Between all, lie the crossed keys
Shared mystery drawing ever onwards
Dare you grasp the keys, open the door to new life?


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