Saturday, November 25, 2017

Meditation: Nov 24 2017

Charles West Mindfulness Group
Second and Fourth Friday of Month
Friday, November 24
1:00pm sharp
Party Room, Floor 31
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson


After looking at the basics of Meditation as an ancient practice now brought into our times as Mindfulness, we practiced a five minute meditation.

We moved into a discussion of how we all felt about meditation. Carol said that she finds it such a pleasant process, she wants to immerse herself in it. Sandy remarked that she has experienced relaxation in her exercises classes, as her instructor also teaches meditation, but now she understands what it is about. Janet pointed out that when issues flood her mind at any time, especially before going to sleep, she writes them down instead of allowing them to harass her. She intends doing this as she practices meditation. Maureen discovered she has been meditating without giving it a name, and is pleased that she now has the ability to control the process. John mentioned to me afterwards, that he appreciated that the process was made so simple, and natural.

We had such a pleasant time together, and everyone went off determined to practice what they had learned.

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