Saturday, December 9, 2017

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

In my own experience, once I had gained experience with Meditation, I was ready to move forward into Guided Meditation. This meant using creative visualization as another tool with which I gained harmony with my subconscious mind.

I had already observed the improvement in my interior state, of my meditative practice. My thought processes had calmed, and I felt much happier. This peacefulness was spilling over into my exterior life. I could think more clearly, and was more aware of my surroundings, I could be more empathetic to everything and everyone around me.

I was now ready to learn how to use this tool to bring me into closer contact with my subconscious. The objectives of this guided meditation process were twofold, as follows:
  1. Creating a safe space for myself
  2. Creating a security screen around me

Once again, I follow the simple steps leading me into a deep Meditative state. To begin, I settled comfortably into my safe place where I know I won’t be disturbed. I relax completely and wrap myself in the warm blanket of my meditative mind. I begin an inner visualization process.

The objectives of this guided meditation process were twofold, as follows:
  1. Creating a safe space for myself
  2. Creating a security screen around me

  1. Creating a Safe Space

I am walking along a path, on top of a cliff overlooking the sea. The sun is shining and the sea is blue, rolling gently onto the shore below. I hear the seagulls crying, smell the ozone from the sea, taste the fragrance of the seaweed lying along the seashore. As I walk along, I feel more and more at peace.

The path leads onto a flight of shallow stairs, large slabs of stone, bordered by beautiful grasses and wildflowers, warm in the sunshine. I slowly step down; down ever deeper into my warm, safe and peaceful interior world.

There, in front of me, is my Safe Space, deep, deep inside my mind. It takes the shape of an Ancient Greek temple. The columns in front are Ionic, gleaming white in the sun. These columns are draped with climbing roses of all colours, blooming profusely. Peacocks are displaying in the beautiful gardens. I am greeted warmly by my guardian cheetahs, Athena and Ares, and they lead me inside. Music fills the air, and the sweet smell of roses drifts in with me.  This is a magic place, full of iridescent colour, shimmering in the air.

In this beautiful shelter, I can be truly myself; here I can do whatever I want; create whatever I like.

  1. Creating a Security Shield

My protectors, Athena and Ares, lead me outside into the dark sky of space, bright with of stars. I am my Self, hanging suspended, looking down at my inner home, as it shines brightly in the reflected light of the sun. Then I see, forming around my inner home, a shell; a globe, made from elements that nothing can penetrate or destroy. It gleams like burnished steel, glinting with light.

The surface is covered with large thorns, like the stem of a rose. Each gives off a flickering light, warning against touch. Climbing roses tumble everywhere, trailing below the shining orb: red; yellow; pink; and white.  Only I know the secret password that will open the hidden door and allow me entry.

Before you explore further your own inner citadel, it is perhaps wise for you to create your own Safe Space, and surround it with your own Security Screen. As you meditate, let your mind do it for you. You will be surprised and delighted, as I was, with what your imagination will produce.   

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