Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lucid Dreaming: Jan 12 2018

Charles West Mindfulness Group
Second and Fourth Friday of Month
Friday, January 12
at 1:00pm sharp
In the Party Room, Floor 31
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

We began our session by revisiting Meditation. We enjoyed a guided meditation, and had an
interesting discussion, sharing what we feel about it.

One of our members had negative images come to mind during the meditation, and as we shared that,
changed them to a positive image of a beautiful sunset. This became the interior safe place.

Lucid Dreaming
We discussed the idea that a lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is aware of dreaming.
The dreamer is able to exert some degree of control over the dream.

The Self
We all understood that we need the idea of Objective Self outside our body so that we can use
lucid dreaming. We looked at the idea lucid dreaming is another useful tool we can use to
influence our mind.

The objective is, as follows:
  1. To change my dreams from losing to winning
  2. Asking a question at bedtime and receiving the answer in the morning
  3. To prompt my body to heal itself: renew; regenerate; rejuvenate
One of us shared a dream from the previous night. Life is hard to bear at present, due to circumstances
beyond control, and the dream reflected that. As this was shared, the message broke through into
the dreamer’s conscious mind that life had been challenging in the past, but that the dreamer had
got though it before, and would do so again. This was such a demonstration of how the subconscious
mind gives us messages through dreams. Only we can interpret what is the meaning for us.

Our discussion of these ideas was productive, and everyone is considering using them. We will share
our experiences at our next session.

Setting up a Healing Centre
Once again, we used a guided meditation to set up a healing centre within our minds. Some of us
built on what we had done last time, others of us changed our images. We are learning to encourage
our minds to be still and throw up images for us, to change these images, and to build on them.

In our next session, we will discuss Emotional Intelligence. Below are some links to encourage
you to do a little research into the subject.

Daniel Goleman wrote the book, Emotional Intelligence (1995),

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