Friday, April 27, 2018

Emotional Intelligence: January 26 2018

Charles West Brain Group
Second and Fourth Friday of Month
at 1:00pm
In the Party Room, Floor 31
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Friday, January 26

Place of Peace
Another lovely, peace-filled afternoon!

We began with a guided meditation to our inner place of peace, and rested in it for five minutes.

Everyone is now becoming practiced in this discipline. The discussion afterwards shared that
everyone finds their place of peace so pleasant they want to stay there for longer.

This sanctuary of peace within, is always there, and is our reality. No matter what storms rage
around us, it is always there for us.

Homework: practice a 5 minute meditation every day. It can be done as bedtime, or on
waking up in the morning.

Emotional Intelligence

Have you all been doing your research?

Daniel Goleman wrote the book, Emotional Intelligence (1995),

What do you think is emotional intelligence?
Once again, the discussion was an interesting sharing of ideas. It quickly became evident that
our group understands what is emotional intelligence.

We went on to look at the idea that it is necessary to learn to recognise an emotion when felt,
and name it.

Once again, we use the concept of Self as being outside of our brain, to observe our feelings
and reactions.

Emotional maturity gives us the power to understand one of the most important underlying factors
of our belief systems and behaviours. What do I feel? What do you feel?

We retreated to our inner quiet place. Everyone can now do this immediately, without being guided.

The instructions were to see a person or something you love dearly. Perhaps a pet, perhaps
a spouse or life partner; perhaps a child; perhaps a grandchild: it doesn’t matter; just someone
you love, or even a something, and with whom you have a good relationship.

What do you FEEL when you see them? Name the emotion. This is what love feels like to you.

We had another interesting discussion as we shared what we had experienced.

Practice feeling and recognising emotions, in ourselves and others.

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