Saturday, April 28, 2018

Relationships: With Ourselves: April 27 2018

Charles West Mindfulness Group
Second and Fourth Friday of Month
1:00pm sharp
Recreation Room, Floor 31
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Friday, April 27

Working with our Subconscious Mind
We began, as usual, with a Meditation. Loretta said that she was having difficult at present in relaxing and sleeping. After our Meditation, she shared with us that she had experienced a peaceful time. Everyone said they would have liked it to be longer.

Working with our Rational Mind
As we had newcomers with us, we again examined our relationship with ourselves. This is the most important relationship, and if it isn't mature, no other relationship in our lives will be mature and happy.

Once again, I asked if everyone considered themselves as perfect. No one did.

We worked through a series of questions, as follows:
  1. Do we continually look deep into ourselves?
  2. Do we have a good relationship with ourselves
  3. Do we love ourselves unconditionally?
  4. Are we totally honest with ourselves?
  5. Are we kind to ourselves?
  6. Do we know what we want from ourselves?
  7. Do we respect ourselves?
  8. Have we developed a pragmatic approach to life?
  9. Do we know where to draw boundaries?
  10. Do we accept responsibility for our own actions?
As we discussed these questions, and shared our thoughts and experiences, with a lot of laughter, it was obvious that our Group is composed of mature people, who know themselves and their strengths and limitations, and accept themselves as they are. They have learned to love themselves unconditionally. 

I again asked the question, "Are you perfect?," explaining that I would define what I meant by "perfect." 

In my opinion, perfect human beings have opened themselves up to self-examination. They realise that they are a work in progress, continually striving to deepen their understanding of themselves. They seek to live life successfully, and observe their interaction with others so that they can continually improve on that. They want to make others happy, and be happy themselves. They are aware of their own continual growth in maturity. They accept themselves as they are, and love themselves unconditionally. 

As Loretta pointed out, in this sense, "perfect" doesn't mean a static state; it means that we are in flux, as is everything else. Change is always happening; the universe is continual change, and we are part of that whole process. 

When this definition was put forward as the meaning of perfect, everyone realised that they were, indeed, perfect. They certainly are in my eyes! It was a lovely end to a fascinating afternoon. 

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