Friday, April 27, 2018

Relationships: Are you "Perfect"? March 23 2018

Charles West Brain Group
Second and Fourth Friday of Month
1:00pm - 3:00pm
In the Party Room, Floor 31

Friday, March 23

Another lovely afternoon was spent together exploring our minds. As Maureen said, she feels
she is putting her mind in order and tidying up her “stuff”.  

This session, we began looking at relationships. We began with the most important relationship
of all, the one we have with ourselves. When asked if they were “perfect”, everyone said that
they didn’t feel they were perfect.

A fascinating discussion followed, examining questions such as do we have a good relationship
with ourselves, do we love ourselves unconditionally, are we totally honest with ourselves,
are we kind to ourselves, do we know what we want for ourselves, do we respect ourselves,
have we developed a pragmatic approach to life?

At the end of this, “perfect” was defined as meaning we are comfortable with ourselves,
and have answered these questions with a yes. With this explanation, everyone could see
that they were, indeed, “perfect”. It’s a nice feeling at this mature stage of life to realise
that we are mature people, and have done our best in life, according to our knowledge and
circumstances at the time.

We brought our session to a close with a fifteen minute meditation.

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