Friday, April 27, 2018

Responsibilities: March 9 2018

Charles West Mindfulness Group
Second and Fourth Friday of Month
Friday, March 9
1:00pm sharp
In the Party Room, Floor 31
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

We began by sharing our experiences with dreaming, and using the concept of our Objective Self
standing outside of us, watching our actions and analysing them.

SubConscious Development
The members of our Group have become experienced and skilled meditators. With a minimal lead in,
we meditated for 15 minutes.

The discussion began by everyone saying that the time had seemed so short. Everyone had
enjoyed it, and hadn’t wanted to come out of it.

Rational Development
Once again, we quickly revisited the concepts we have already discussed.

Emotional Maturity: everyone has an understanding of what it means: feeling an emotion;
recognizing what it is and putting a name to it; researching what is the trigger and understanding it.

Choices: We all have choices we have to make in life, including how we let events and people
affect us, including what to do about any bad experience that hurt us deeply in the past.

Boudaries: If possible, the person who inflicted the wound should be approached to convey
the degree of hurt inflicted. If the person won’t listen to you, it might be a good idea to approach
them again, along with some else. If they are neither remorseful nor repentant, it is not necessary
to forgive the behaviour. We may feel sorry for the person, or not, but we may choose to move out
of their life, and move them out of our lives. This is perfectly legitimate. They had no right to inflict
such pain. We leave them in the past and choose to move into the present, with the incident
released from our emotions.

New Topic
Responsibilities: We all agreed with the concept that we are each responsible for our own life.
We accept control of our life, and make decisions affecting us. This is the beginning of maturity,
and the secret of true happiness.

This means we can never be victims. Any event that happens to us is an occasion for learning.
We chalk it up to experience, and use our Outside Self to help us analysis what happened,
and use our subconscious mind to help us process it.

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