Friday, April 27, 2018

The Emotional Heart: February 9 2018

Charles West Mindfulness Group
Second and Fourth Friday of Month
Friday, February 9
at 1:00pm sharp
In the Party Room, Floor 31
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

What a lovely afternoon we spent together this week!

Place of Peace

Meditation: We are all becoming experienced in the practice of meditation, and shared ten minutes
in our place of peace, filled with Love.

This sanctuary of peace within, is always there, and is our reality. No matter what storms rage
around us, it is always there for us. We can simply relax and close our eyes to  find it.

It is so interesting and helpful to share, in discussion, our experience of meditation.

Homework: practice a 5 minute meditation every day. It can be done as bedtime, or on waking up
in the morning, if you can’t find time for it during the day.

The Emotional Heart

Part of becoming a mature human being is learning to deal with our emotions.

We retreated to our inner quiet place and felt the emotion Love. Our objective, observing Self
watched from outside us. We observed how love felt to us, and we named the emotion.
This is the first step of being emotional mature.  

We had a fascinating discussion of our experience.

It became obvious that our Group is mature.


Practice feeling and recognizing emotions, in ourselves and others.

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